Sunday, January 4


That's right - I ordered the car! It's a very exciting time to be me.
In addition, Go Pack! Thank goodness we have God on our side.
Sorry I pooped out on the Robin's Nest tonight. I ended up taking a little nap, and this week at work is going to suck the big thing that one might suck in these kinds of instances, so I'm saving up my strength.
What else? Let's see... we joined the Y, that's exciting. My husband is a genius and has figured out a way for us to become internet/grocery store millionaires, so that's nice. My knitting is coming along nicely. On Sunday I'm going to a real live NHL hockey game. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, so Happy Happy! New Year's was very nice, despite leaving some literature behind (sorry t-plaid!) I was treated to a tasty dinner last night while most of the rest of you crazy kids were killing goblins or something. We opened a new bank account so I can be all responsible with the money and stuff -I'm even going to learn to balance my checkbook. But really, all that said, really the car is the news. I've been told it will be arriving sometime in late February. That means two things: my current little bastard has to last at least that long and I need to come up with a wonderful name for my new little one. I'm up for suggestions. I was also asked if I was getting personalized plates. As of right now, I'm not, but there was one suggestion thus far, just in case: EEEEEEE. In case you're wondering, that will be the sound that I'm making every time I sit in my new car. It will be high-pitched. I'm just warning you now. Also, if anyone is in need of a somewhat reliable though kinda old and busted car, please let me know. I'm selling. For a reasonable amount of money. If you're interested.


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