Saturday, January 31

missing childhood memories

so this morning I decided I wanted to search the all-knowing uberweb for references to one of my favorite Sesame Street skits, and I found nearly nothing. It's very disappointing. Maybe some of you will recall the Captain Breakfast skit where Captain Breakfast is pestering a little girl, chiding her for not eating breakfast, trying to convince her of all the benefits of eating breakfast, etc. To which she responds, "I don't want any breakfast!"... making Captain Breakfast very sad. Finally he moans, "Little girl... why don't you want any breakfast?" and she simply says, "Because.... it's time for lunch!" and skips off. He looks dumbfounded - which is a pretty complex emotion for a puppet. Ok... really, his jaw just drops, but you get the idea.
At any rate, this post will now be the most information on the skit available online. And I think that is a tragedy. I want a image of Captain Breakfast to post. Possibly the audio. Something. Anything. But no... PBS or whomever has not seen fit to make this happen. Maybe when I become very rich I'll write them a big check on the condition that they put Captain Breakfast on the web in it's entirety. That's a good idea.


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