Saturday, January 24

Looks like

Our A-lo is famous! That, or Atom is a geek-friendly word that blogger has jumped on. One or the other.
Anywho - not much writing from me lately, with apologies. I'm not sure what my deal is. I've been soooper tired lately, plus there's the Y, and knitting, and... well, I've now run out of excuses.
Rest assured that I still love you all very much. Bebo, I found a couple lovely lovelies that I thought you might be interested in. My plan for knitting that cool-ass sweater has been a bit derailed... more details to follow soon on that. Nonetheless, I went to a sweeeet yarn shop in downtown Neenah today, plus picked up some needles at the OshVegas Vinnie's. Including double-pointers. Look out socks, here I come!
And then there's work.... ah, work. Filled with craziness and more than likely it will only increase. This ties in with the knitting, so again, stay tuned. For once I feel like I can honestly say that reviews can't come soon enough (we're looking at early February).
Not any other real news to report... I haven't had time to take in any hockey this week, but the Sens won tonight 9-1. That's a lot of points for one team in hockey, in case you were wondering.
Now it's time to hit the hay - I have to go in to work tomorrow, so I'll see most of you cool cats tomorrow evening. G'night!


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