Saturday, February 7


Guess what? I called up my not-so-local mini dealer today (hi, Anthony) and got the production number for my car, so I could look up where it is at in the whole process. You know, just off the assembly line, on the slow boat from England, whathaveyou, and it turns out that my car is currently resting happily on U.S. soil, at the "Distribution Center", next stop - Milwaukee and my waiting arms. Estimated date of delivery: February 7. That's right - today. Note the "estimated" part of that equation. I received no phone call today saying that it was available, but nonetheless, it is much MUCH closer than I had anticipated. I am currently nearly peeing myself. I know what you're thinking and you can SHUT UP. Anyway.... so.... close!! Here's hoping that our tax return hits my account before I get the call! Eep!
It's probably a good thing I waited until today to check into the owner's section of the mini site. I would have been a freak like this for the last month if I had known I could track my car the whole way. The one thing I wish is that they'd post a photo of him/her for me to check out in the meantime, but I suppose that's a little much to ask. And soon... so soon!... I'll be posting my own photos of the new baby. Which reminds me: I'm still stuck for names. Anyone? anyone? Many of you are much better read than I am, maybe you can think of some cute wonderful literary figure that would be appropriate. Something very British, possibly? Yet not ugly? Anyone?
So - I'll just be freaking out for a while over here. Don't mind me.


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