Monday, February 9

It's here!

And my here, I mean in Milwaukee, and by it, I mean my car. Quite obviously.
I will be picking up said car on Friday, and then driving it all over kingdom come. That is the plan. The plan is also to be back in town by dinner time, to show her off.
I have a few names that I'm contemplating... still awaiting input from you fine folks. If it helps, I think I've (as implied above) decided that the car is a she, despite the stick-shift.

On another note: Break a leg, Bebo! We know you can do it! Happy face happy face happy face!! Sorry that the timing on the car keeps us from joining you, but we're all pulling for you up here in the great nort.
Also, I think we should name Shaft's new car "Spiffy" or possibly "Schpiffy". Or maybe spelled with an "i" at the end, if it's a girl. Do I win the prize?


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