Monday, March 1

Hullo there

So - thanks to many fun birthday celebrations, nice weather, and a sale in downtown Princeton, I got nearly nothing accomplished around the house this weekend. You'd think a nice rainy evening would have given me an opportunity to remedy that - and I suppose it did, but I did not take advantage of it. Instead I mostly sat right where I'm sitting now, putzing around and not doing much of anything.
And then I went to bed. And didn't sleep. So I'm here again. For now. We'll see how it goes. I think I need a shot of motivation. Anyone know where I can pick one of those up, you know, on the cheap?
So - being as it's the first day of March, I pose a question: was today lion-like, or lamb-like? Now, certainly we can all remember much crappier March days, so it's hard to say lamb, but... it did thunderstorm, and that's something. I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope it just keeps getting warmer and warmer and we don't get pelted with nasty freezing rain or sleet or all of those other weather conditions that are nigh-impossible to avoid in March in this lovely state of ours. I just want it to be green, pretty, flowery spring. Skipping right to late-May, and not just cuz of you-know-what. Though that doesn't hurt, either.


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