Monday, April 12

Wha who wha what?

Sorry... I'm a little "discomboobalated", as we like to say at work, today. To be truthful, it didn't feel like Monday at all today, and the only way I really can keep track is to stare at my calendar and mentally check off the meetings listed there as: attended or to be attended. Let me tell you, people, meetings have a nasty way of getting in the way of getting work done. Important work. Time-sensitive work. Work that needs to be done before I get to leave for the day tomorrow.
I did manage to make some head-way today, but that was cut short because I had to go to a happy hour for the gal whose job I now have. I'm still busy debating in my head if this whole thing is worth it, considering I was slotted to get this fancy promotion, while keeping the product I was accustommed to, in just a few months. So...happy hour? I'm torn. But I went, and it was fine. One of my former co-workers (actually, the girl who trained me) came with her fiance, so that was nice. She's loving her new job, and I'm happy for her. I felt a little strange, considering she was passed up for promotions several times, and I seem to have fallen into them somewhat effortlessly. Not that I'm not working my arse off, but I didn't have to jump through too many hoops for the last one, and none for this most recent one. I'm just beginning to feel a little sheepish about the whole thing, considering I know there are several people still in the office that are maybe a little bitter about it. I hope that doesn't sound too lame.
On a happier note: Mr. Jones - thanks for the sweet Easter present :)
And I'll be headed to bed shortly. I was one cranky bitch this morning, let me tell you. Too much on the mind makes it difficult for this one to sleep, and not enough sleep means cra-bby.


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