Monday, April 5


That's what I am... I had meant to post a link to Dave's blog awhile ago, in fact, the last time we ran into each other, but I didn't 'till now cuz I suck. At least I have now remedied the situation. *sorry* And btw, I hope you guys are free on May 22! Oh, and if you're interested, the other Kohler brat fry is probably May 2 :) If you want tickets ahead of time, let me know, I know a guy. Mmmm... brats. And if anyone thought that he was kidding about the Newport Beach thing, I can verify he is most definitely not.
Thanks, Ms. Jackson, for the congrats. I'd like to say that I feel more confident today, now that I've seen a little bit more of what's in store for me, but that would be a giant lie. So instead I'll just say that other people seem to generally have the idea that I will do ok, so I'm just going to ride on that until I actually figure out what the hell I'm doing. Also, in news from work today, I learned that the person I will most closely work with is also brand new to the position she has, so yay! It's bound to be a giant cluster... well, you know. Stay tuned for updates.
I am totally tuckered out. I came home from kind of a whirl-wind day, ate a very tasty dinner, went to Target, and then to the Y. And now... tuckered. I suppose it doesn't help that while I was tired all day yesterday, the minute I lay my head down to sleep I was wide awake. I agree with DerK and her Daylight Savings Time is stupid theory, though I do enjoy the being light later. So why not just leave it like that all the time, that's my question? Why bother falling back? Cuz we all really love it when it's dark at 4 pm in the winter? um... no, I don't think we do. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure there's a whole contingent of painfully old people that when winter comes are relieved that they can go to sleep in the pitch dark right after watching their beloved Tom Brokaw tell them about how the government is screwing them and about how they need robot insurance for when the metal ones come (and they will). My vote is we just all move to the equator where the days are always the same length and this kind of thing just doesn't come up.
On that note, I booked by June trip for work today (I told you it was busy). June 13-24: Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Home. I could try to figure out how many of the hours that I'm gone I'll be spending on a plane, but I'd rather not. To give you some idea, I get to go to Frankfort twice. Unfortunately, that's really so far from being the worst part of the whole thing. I'll refrain from getting into it here, but suffice it to say that I will not have my favorite of traveling companions with me, save for about a day in Singapore when our trips will overlap due to my careful planning. Otherwise... oof. A big, stinky pile of oof.


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