Sunday, March 21

Good times, good times

So - last night after a disappointing hockey game, I went out with Sissy and Momma and some of us (read: not me) got a little loaded. We were at Denny's, and then decided we needed to get our groove on and tried to find somewhere in town that did not utterly suck for the dancing. It was not to be. We made three valient attempts, and came home having not really shaken our booties, even a little bit. This is one of the greater disappointments about living in old Osh-burg.
However, looking on the bright side (yeah, the bright side), it doesn't suck too much to be designated driver if you really, really like driving your car. And no one tossed their cookies in Vyvyan, so I'll still call the evening a success, even though our groove-thangs remained un-shook.
In other news, I attempted to brush Ting last night, and that critter is a nappy, nappy mess, let me tell you. And he did not enjoy the experience one bit. I ended up actually cutting off some of the worse bits, but I'm afraid he looks a little worse for wear. I thought perhaps sheading some of that dead weight would make him feel better, and he is eating a little bit more, so... we may be on the road to recovery.
That's about all I've got this splendid, sunny morning. See y'all this evening :)


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