Thursday, March 18

Hi Kids!

Welcome to another installment of V's boring life.
There's really no news. Next week will most likely be nice and slow at work, gearing up for another season of craziness to ensue shortly thereafter. Tomorrow night I'm going to a Happy Hour for a super great woman who's department has been laid off. She's trained a large majority of people that I come in contact with in other departments who are considered good at their jobs, and seeing her leave is just scary. It's a long story, and really, the company didn't want her to go, but she's going all the same, and we're losing a great asset.
I leave for Asia most likely June 14, coming back around the 25th, so I'm really glad we didn't schedule prom for the 19th, which would have been close to the anniversary. I have no idea what the itinerary is, where I'll actually be going for sure, or really anything like that, so... that's all I've got right now. Since Christmas isn't exactly around the corner, I won't be bringing any gift lists with me, but if there's something specific you've got a hankering for that I can pick up for you over there, let me know. I will definitely be packing lighter than I did the last time (and last time I thought I had packed light).
The Senators won tonight - woo! Another game Saturday night, the regular season is winding down quickly. Then: on to the cup!
Like I said - not a lot going on over here.
See most of you kids tomorrow night after the shin-dig (scheduled to last only till 6).


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