Sunday, March 14

Mall Redemption

I like to think that I have something in common with Morgan Freeman's character in Shawshank. He was the guy that could get you stuff. Normally, I'm the gal that knows where to send you to get the stuff you want. That's kinda the same, right? Since we're all on the outside and stuff, most people can just go in the direction I point them, and find the things they need. I find this particular quality is in less demand with our friends than with, say, people at work, but still, I like to be helpful.
Today, however, I was blown away with a store in the Fond du Lac mall. I bought 4 things - I can't remember the last time I walked out of a store with 4 items - and only one of them was on sale. Unbelievable. I got a great top to go with my prom skirt - I tried on the ensemble when I got home and felt muy glamourous. (Now I just need shoes - sissy, DerK, you with me? Road trip to DSW? Soon?) Plus, a cute skirt, another top, and a sweater. Plus, I wanted half the other things in the store. And the name of the store: Maurice's. I know what you're thinking, or, at least, what my thought was: but that's the store where all the stuck-up girls shopped in high school. Yes, yes it is. It may very well still be, at least in towns where there aren't Old Navys and Abercrombies and whathaveyou. But I'm telling you, they have some really cute stuff. And not all slutty belly-showing crap. Or fabrics that make me go "ew" when I touch them (we did stop at the Deb first, I should add). My eyes have been opened. And my husband got a free t-shirt.
Now I'm off to watch more hockey. Go Sens!
It's good to be home.


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