Tuesday, April 6

1/2 done and a month and a half to go

I've spent the last hour or so working on altering my skirt for prom, and here's a newsflash for you, people: I am not a seamstress. It's going ok, but I can't help thinking that someone who actually knew what they were doing would have finished a long time ago. That said, I do like the results so far, which is something. Next year I'm buying something in my size, I swear.
My feeling is that invites, much like the bills I have sitting on my desk, should go out next week. Starting tomorrow I'm going to be wicked busy at work, and I'd like them off of my plate (I say that like I've actually done anything on them - I haven't, but Plinko has, and I think they're pretty much good to go). A-lo, if you could send a revised logo asap, I'd appreciate it. I'll take what we have to Miller Printing Monday during lunch, unless someone has a particular vendor that they think would do a better job for cheaper. They turned them around in a day last year, and I like that kind of service. Also, it was muy cheap. If all goes as planned we should then have invites to share on Wednesday, possibly Friday latest, at the P.


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