Saturday, May 1


Sometimes, on the weekends, I think to myself: a nap would be so nice, yes, I'll have myself a little lie-down, that's just the thing. And then *bang* four hours later, and hubby wisely rouses me so I'm not completely screwed on the sleep tonight. Four hour naps are not a good idea. Now I'm just of it. Words don't make sense.
I was just having a very "Stars Hollow" dream: I was in a mini van with my aunt and uncle who live in Kohler. We were on our way to my grandma's to celebrate Christmas (though I don't think it was cold in my dream), but first we had to go through the drive-thru at the credit union for the traditional carolling. The credit union was full of cars, doing no banking, just driving "thru" with their windows open and their passengers singing "Silver Bells".
See - if you don't take four-hour naps, you miss out on gems like that.
In case you were wondering, and I know some of you are, there are plans in the works to actually print the prom invites tonight. I know, I know - you're all letting out a collective gasp. Next year I think we should schedule prom for when work is not so crazy busy for me and your favorite dj. Though I can't imagine when that would be at the moment.
Now I'm going to go eat some tasty pasgetti.


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