Monday, April 26

...and, I'm spent

We're home.
It was a really fun trip. Of course, one would expect that I might say that, considering a good portion of it was spent in my car and in the company of 30+ other Minis and Mini owners. But it's even better than that.
Saturday we went to Madison, first to the farmers' market (mmm... cheese curds), and then shopping on State with my bro. Low and behold, just in time for my birthday, there's a new store. DerK, because I love you, I will warn you: do not enter. It's called Pop Deluxe and I bought nothing, because I could not decide on any one thing. I wanted everything. Everything in the whole store. I kept walking around, muttering to my brother that I was mad that I didn't already own everything in it. I felt a little like a crazy person. So... if you are a person inclined to want to purchase something for me for my birthday (no pressure), but you aren't brimming with any good ideas: go to this store. Really, you can't go wrong.
So... after the painful almost-shopping, we headed out of town to the Delavan Lake Resort. It was a little strange. On their website, which I checked out before we went down, it mentioned that they had condos for sale. What it didn't mention was that if you were staying there, using it as a hotel, you were really staying in a condo that someone else owns. So, it felt like a hotel, only there was real furniture, and a kitchen and stuff. But, it actually belongs to someone, so you couldn't trash it (if you were so inclined). I mean, we even loaded and started the dishwasher before we checked out this morning, cuz we weren't sure if we were suppose to clean up after ourselves. Like I said...strange.
Yesterday was the rally. It was a ton of fun, but really exhausting. We didn't win, but it turns out that that had nothing to do with the prize you went home with, so that's ok. There are currently two number threes painted on my car windows that I'll have to wash off once it's a little warmer out. The rally was really mostly a scavanger hunt, where you had to answer questions and follow directions, the goal being to have the closest to the correct mileage and the most questions right. We met Norm's mom, a nice lady from the message boards, the "Evils" (their licence plate was Evil Mini), and a really cool couple we ate dinner with. I would definitely do it again, but not any time soon. It takes a lot out of you to have to drive on roads you don't know, follow directions that don't necessarily make sense, and strain your neck to make sure you're catching all the clues for nearly 3 hours.
Today we woke up and headed out... went shopping at Johnson's Creek, and headed home.
It's been a lot of miles for little Vvy this weekend. I, for one, am pooped. Unfortunately, it's back to work for me, probably tonight. *ugh*


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