Thursday, July 13

Look At Me!

I'm going outside today! No, really! And I plan to even do some weeding in the little garden by the garage. Yes, I know it's a millionty degrees outside, I'm prepared even for that.
I got my stitches out yesterday, and I've been working hard on a birthday present for my grandma that is turning out so cool that even UPB is impressed. He says that if we would have had some bags like this at the art sale we would have sold some, and he's probably right. It really is lovely, and I'm sure Gram will like it, and won't tell me if she doesn't. But she will.
The design on it is needle-felted, and I have IP and Machine to thank for that. I went nuts at the yarn shop and now I'm totally hooked. There's no limit to the designs you can make, and it's pretty easy, and did I mention how cool it looks? The only downside was discovered when I woke up this morning for the millionth time (bad night with an unbelievably sleepless Miss S) I had a sea of red, purple, and green fluff awaiting me in the living room. You see, you start the needle felting with something called roving, which is un-spun wool (or silk, or alpaca, or... you get the idea). Image an enormous cotton ball. Now imagine my little shredder getting her paws on it. It was ugly, but I'm pretty sure that the fluff is none the worse for the wear. But it's now all in plastic bags, and I don't intend on letting it happen again, if for no other reason than it wasn't any fun to pick up. (Remember, I'm still not supposed to bend!)
Despite my numerous restrictions, I do want to try to do something today. I know everyone is concerned that I've become a sloth. Truth be told, I've always been a sloth. So, nothing to worry about there. Eventually, though, I'm going to have to go back to work (so I'm told), so I should start actually doing things to get ready for that. Bleck.
I have been watching a ton of HGTV, so I am starting to get that "I need to Paint!" itch (lucky you, Dave!) and I have a burning desire to go to IKEA. IKEA wears me out when I'm at 100%, I think I may need to try out every chair there if I go now, but I still want to go. And I can't even think of anything we need! Nonetheless.... me wanty.
Now, before I lose all ambition, I'd best be off. Watch out weeds - your time as come!


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