Sunday, September 26

me the patriot

Hi all!
Last night while celebrating Sissy's birthday (and what fun it was!) the topic of politics came up. The conversation eventually turned to our beloved Sen Feingold (no sarcasm intended) and about how people who don't vote for him are bad, because he is (and all listening agreed) a good man. An honest man. He's not in anyone's pocket, he isn't led around by the nose by his party or president, and he does what he thinks is right. These things shouldn't be enough to make him extrordinary in the political arena, but sadly they do.
Mrs. Jones mentioned that she brought up the story of me stranded twice on my last trip to her boss (a straight Republican-ticket voter) to help explain why it might not have been a bad idea to vote against the patriot act. For those who don't remember or who I didn't recount the stories to, I'll sum up. I was separated from a group that I was traveling with two times on my latest work trip- once in China (a little stressful) and once in Chicago at O'Hare by immigration(very scary). I said that I should write my little story to our Senator because I thought he might find it interesting. I just wanted to let everyone know that I did that this evening, and I'm curious to see if or what kind of response I'll get on it. I'll keep you posted.
Other than that, today at home we're sifting and winnowing, sifting and winnowing. We close on the house in 32 days.


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