Thursday, July 22

Inappropriate Laughter

There's no way that I'm going to be the only one that finds this halarious, and before I completely forgot it, I had to make sure I posted.
This evening UPB and I babysat the niece. It was actually pretty fun. We went to Noonies on 21 and then got candy. She got a Nut Roll (which is funny, cuz UPB doesn't care for them, and he couldn't believe she wanted one). Regardless, this left her fingers a little salty, which was good, cuz stop two was the Dog House. She had evidently never been to a pet shop before. You can imagine my feelings on that. Well... the pet store had three rabbits in a cage at exactly her height, so she was poking around at them, and soon the two that would come up to the side of the cage had been aptly named: Licky and Bitey. She thought it was great fun, and it was a little difficult to pull her away. She wanted to know why they wanted to lick her, and I didn't want to burst her bubble by telling her that it was because she was at the time flavored like a salt lick, so I just said they were giving her kisses. Now I'm pretty sure she wants a rabbit *insert evil laughter here*.
So... we headed back to her house so she could play with her Uncle Phil in the sand box, but first... that wretched sound... the ice cream truck. It was like the guy followed us home. He pulled up right behind us and basically gave us no choice but to purchase his wares. It was for the best, though, because I encountered the best ice cream novelty treat ever. EVER! Now... I didn't buy one, cuz I couldn't choke much out through the laughter (that last a good 20 minutes after the truck left), but let me tell you friends: from this day forward I will view the ice cream truck with the delight of a 6 year old. Maybe you, too, can experience this delight, if you find the truck with the Blue Bunny novelties, because then you will have the opportunity to order: the 2 Ball Screwball. How f*in awesome is that? It makes me giggle even now. I was honestly laughing the entire time UPB was ordering. Now, the driver was foreign, and somehow didn't seem to think anything was funny in the least, despite the fact that I just kept repeating "2 Ball Screwball" over and over. Thankfully, my niece didn't ask why I was laughing so hard... I'm not at all certain if I could have explained it away as easily as the salt lick incident. But, there you have it. It made my fricken night.


Blogger barbarajackson3000 said...

O.K., I just have to ask... did you actually eat one. And then I have to ask, what was it like. And then I have to ask, are you pregnant.

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