Monday, July 12

And this is why God created blogs

So those of us who have some sweet information can dissemenate it to those who may be interested.
Part of the fun of being on the TMBG fan newsletter list is reading their opinions on cities near and dear:
7/7 Madison is such a cool town, the kind of place you think
you should move to when you're on the road. Got to play at
one of our all-time favorite venues, the Barrymore Theater.
Checked in with the "Wayback Machine" site to find our old
set list on (is that site gone?!) from the last time we
played in Madison and was excited to see most of our set is
different from a couple of years ago. Even more new new
songs tonight and some new old songs (Stomp Box!)
which was an exciting challenge.
- from the Flansburg tour diary
Yay!! Now I'm even more sad we didn't go to the Mad-town show. Next time. Honest.
I didn't go to work today, just laid around with a throbbing headache and got sweaty. An attractive image, I assure you.


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