Thursday, July 8

Such a follower

So... it was back to the doc for me today. Yuck. Seems I have the same issues that Mrs. Jones had a while back that necessitated the ambulance for her. Lucky for me, I just get to be cranky and sore, not passing out or puking. But, I'm on the next round 'o meds, and these mean (as Mrs. Jones') no drinky drinky for *wah* 10 days.
Now, I haven't (of late) been the raging alcomoholic that my archives might lead one to believe that I am, it's true. But I do like my coupla Woodchucks on the Wednesday and Friday nights. And Sissy and I have been talking about tying one on for quite a while... looks like that'll be going on the back burner for at least a little while longer. After this coming weekend, it'll be busy busy for me with the garage sale readiness (though that'll start this weekend, cuz we're getting our new furniture on the 15th - yay!) and then the wedding. You know the one. I'll assume that there will be drinking there, if only to pacify some of my more co-dependant relatives, but that doesn't really substitute for a bras-off evening at the P. How old am I if I feel like I need to schedule something like that, that's the question. And the answer: very, very old. Damn listening to doctors and being responsible.


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