Wednesday, June 16

where am I? what day is it?

I'm blogging from work. In Singapore. It's been a whirl-wind, folks. Here's a blog I wanted to post on the day I was on the way to Istanbul:
Heaven help me…
It’s 20 to 6. I’m still in Chicago. My flight was supposed to leave at 3:45. It’s now scheduled for 7. If it doesn’t leave then, I’ll probably not get out of here tonight. And then I won’t be going to Turkey at all. I love to travel. I hate sitting in airports. At least having the traveling companion I do allows me access to the fancy lounges, one of which has a smoking area (where I currently am) getting ash all over my laptop because of the strange air currents.
I’m totally spent. I’ve been back and forth through the trippy neon-lit walkway 4 times so far, and it’ll be at least once more before all is said and done.
I’m writing this in word, and I’m going to attempt to connect and cut and paste it into blogger for all to enjoy. If I fail, I may just leave well enough alone and start a journal that I’ll post in one fell swoop at some point in the future.
I so hate being so close to home and yet not. Somehow being actually far away is much easier.

The fun follow-up to that was: we made it Frankfurt, went back and forth between terminals 5 times (that involved getting on a train), and eventually made it to Istanbul. My bag did not. My bag was still in Chicago when I landed in Turkey. The very helpful airport people wanted to send my bag to Turkey to meet me, however, by the time it would have arrived, I would have already been on my way here, to Singapore. Good fun. In the end, they shipped my bag to Frankfurt so it could ride on my plane here to Singapore, and the crazy scheme worked and I actually have all my stuff now. Plus one top that I bought in Istanbul (we made our hosts' driver take us to a mall!) so that I would not be sporting a 3-day stank by the time we had to meet.
Istanbul is incredibly lovely. Ancient and modern, Asia and Europe - I can't wait to go back and just have a minute or two to explore. As it was, we were there for 26 hours. I managed to do a tiny bit of shopping in the airport, but apart from that and the shirt purchase, that's it.
Right now I'm sitting in our agent's office, waiting for it to be my turn to do something. Anything. I'm actually bored out of my gourd, which sucks cuz this is such a great city, if I'm not working I'd like to be doing something else, thanks.
Anyway.... I really don't feel like I know what day it is - that was no lie. It's my turn, now, though, so I suppose I had better get going!!
I'll try to post more soon, and I'll try to actually take some pics to post as well.
Miss you!


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