Friday, May 28


It's my birthday, in case you needed a reminder. This is the first time in memory that I have been sick for it, and it kind of sucks. Of course, being sung to twice already hasn't really helped. I'm with my niece on this one... unless it's a nice serenade, being sung to is just plain uncomfortable. There are, of course, exceptions.
The first present I got today came via FedEx from my pal in Singapore. It's a very cute samurai Hello Kitty pencil. I just thought it was so sweet of her to remember my birthday! Especially since she's getting married any minute now, and must have a ton of things on her mind.
I was about to say that work has been crazy lately, and it has, but that's got to be getting old for you readers, and there really isn't anything particularly noteworthy about it. I did, however, find out that I'll be heading into China afterall on this crazy round-the-world trip I'm going on. Just like last time, drive in, drive out, no big woop. Except that it's China, and it still seems strange to be somewhere where driving to it is a possibility. Yeah... still strange.


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