Thursday, May 13

Woo! Ti-erd! Woo!

Hello folks.
I have stumbled into the realm of Overtired. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm fairly certain it has something to do with putting a lime in a coconut and receiving my doctorate in Barbequeology from Chili's University.
If you're looking for clever, sensical musings, tonight you have come to the wrong place.
To the future Mr. and Mrs. Selklopers: thank you for having the foresight to #1) not plan your wedding and reception in cities 3 hours apart on the same day and #2) not plan said events during EAA when you have a huge number of guests attending from out of town and out of state, even. I only wish my own family had been so smart.
I think that if it weren't for my impending birthday and the following national holiday, I would be taking a mental health day at work some time real soon. Not that I'm worried about my own mental health so much as other people's lack of it is starting to wear on me. Heavily. I feel it in my shoulders, the burden of it. Ok, that feeling may actually be aching muscles that I haven't used since October when the last volleyball season was over - but I choose to blame the crazies.


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