Wednesday, May 12

Playing with dirty balls

Somehow, I know that title will come back to haunt me, but I couldn't resist.
Tonight's game was wet, gritty, and quite a bit of fun, actually. So it always goes... I bitch all day about how I don't really want to play, and then I do anyway, and I have a lot of fun. We are now 1-2, which is an amazing record - our best start by far. We are Team Penquin, and, as the title above suggests, we like playing with dirty balls. In other words, because of the constant rain, the volleyball was covered in sand the entire time we played, and we didn't do so badly. Our new teammates are a lot of fun, and I think this will be a good season.
In other good news, I don't think Vyvyan got too dirty on my trip home. The change of shirt helped quite a bit.
Mr Jones - Shirley mentioned tonight after you left that you should e-mail me a link to some fun flash games involving insects and whatnot. If you'd rather, you could just post the link, and then everyone could partake.
I am now showered and clean and happy (though sore already) and looking very much forward to a nice restful slumber.


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