Monday, May 10

Is it Friday yet?

No. It's not. You don't have to tell me. Today was just kind of a long day, during which I accomplished very little.
I tried to change that this evening by working on my alterations for my loverly outfit for prom, but that went kinda sucky so I decided it would be better to do it on some day when I have more brain.
I think tonight will be one of those early-to-bed evenings. Unfortunately, the sun has decided to finally peek out from behind the clouds and it is now very bright outside, in a very non-sleep-inducing kind of way. I would be enjoying it more if I wasn't bone tired. Actually... it kind of looks like I should be outside giving Vyvyan a bath.*sigh* Maybe another day.
In other news, volleyball starts this week. In my opinion, that's a little insane. I think the season should run from the week after Memorial Day to the week before Labor Day. In other words, in the summer. But no... Terry's needs those league revenues to offset the large amount of money they take in on ostrich burgers so they can remain a smoking establishment. Ok... I don't actually believe that, but is sounded kind of funny: ostrich burger. Just say it a couple times.


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