Tuesday, May 11


I certainly don't have as many posts as some, but I was reading through some of my now-republished archives and I have to say... it seems that much of my life is available for public perusal. I guess that's ok. I don't have too much metaphorical dirty laundry, so I don't think there's too much to worry about.
This week I've been a bit of a slump at work. There aren't any pressing deadlines or meetings to prepare for, which should give me ample opportunity to take care of everything I need to within the work day. However, it seems I don't do all that well (or much) without the pressure of looming crazy bitching.
I'm also starting to get a bit frustrated with the guts of my job. Which is to say, now more than ever I need to shout at the wind when I'm handed x+y+z and it equals $$, and we plan to sell it for $, and I'm suppose to make the margin magically better. Batna my ass. Nevermind.
Tomorrow is the beginning of another sure-to-be halarious volleyball season. At 9 f*ing o'clock. At night. I'm sure it'll be fun, and I'm sure I'll freeze my hinder off, and if it's anything like tonight, I'm sure I'll be ready for sleep about 1/2 an hour before that.
Which reminds me, I skipped that early to bed idea from last night. I think tonight I'll make ammends.


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