Saturday, June 5


Blogger seems to be acting a bit odd...
I've been thinking about switching back to blogspot hosting, mostly cuz now they'll host your images that you upload using the Hello program for free. And I just went out today and splurged and bought a loverly digital camera, so... there may be many more photos on my site in the future, and what would be better than free hosting? Seems like a good deal to me.
If you're curious, and I'm sure a couple of you are, I did not splurge 100% and buy that Sony I had my eye on, though it was quite pretty (and so small!)
Instead I spent about $250 less (after the additional memory chip) and got an Olympus, which is also small, though not quite as small, and I think will serve all my needs for the foreseeable future. It actually weighs less than my current camera, which I still love but has no zoom, and with our scanner not working so well (or, at all really), it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the photo sharing online idea. So... there you have it. I intend to install the software on my laptop so I can share some photos with y'all while I'm on the trip, or at least so I can dump the pics I take somewhere once in awhile.
All that said, expect that if you are one of the people I know who knows stuff about digital picture taking, I will be asking you advice in the near future.
Also, I worked some today. Probably should've worked a little more, but damn it... next week will be long enough without going into it having no weekend.
And tomorrow... the ZOO! Rahr! (That's the noise a lion makes)


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