Saturday, May 29


I know there was some interest brewing about going to see a TMBG show, so I thought I'd post for the benefit of everyone that their next gig 'round here will be:
7/7 Barrymore Theatre, Madison.
That's a Wednesday night, if you're checking. They're playing Chicago on the 4th - I have to think that would be a pretty kick-ass show, plus, many of us wouldn't have to work the next day, so... I'm just throwing that out there as well. Might be a neat way to celebate A-lo's and our Nation's b-days. One way or another, I'm sure UPB and I will be attending one of these. Let me know if you're interested in joining us! The Chicago deal happens concurrent with the Taste of Chicago festival, and as I understand it the concerts are free, but I could be missing something. The downside is that it seems that Counting Crows is also playing that day, on the same stage. Still, the draw of TMBG + 70 different restaurants is awfully tempting, and it looks like they play in the afternoon, so we could still get back to Oshburg to enjoy the amazing fireworks display and not totally dismiss our now long-standing tradition of enjoying a fire at the Jones'. So.... who's in? :)


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