Wednesday, June 2

Thank you thank you thank you

to all bad guys and associates that helped me celebrate one more spin 'round the sun.
I adore the gifts - all very thoughtful and sweet, and I adore you all much more than that.
I have to apologize, though, as I felt like kind of a party-pooper, being under the weather, and a bit down from the weather, I was not in the most proper of spirits. I hope it did not take away from anyone else's enjoyment of good grilling, good friends, and the brief glimpses of the sun.
I'm feeling better already, so I expect that the next time I see most of you I'll be back to my old chipper self. If you're interested, there are plans to go to the Milwaukee Zoo on Sunday, with maybe a little shopping and certainly some dining thrown in. Let me know if that sounds like something that's up your alley, and we'll figure out the carpooling. I'll be trying to see everyone as much as possible during the next week and 1/2, as I leave next Sunday for the big trip. Gotta stock up on that Bad Guy love!


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