Wednesday, June 30


Hi all,
Just for the record, I seem to be having trouble accessing the badguys site :P
So: Mother's party will be at the Jones's on Monday, when it is assumed that many will not have to work. Apologies to any and all that do. If you are interested in helping with the gift I envision, please let me know asap. Thanks to those who already have contributed to the cause.
In other news - please let me or UPB know if you are planning on attending the TMBG concert on Sunday so we can start to plan rides, etc.
As for my own life separate from bad guys event coordinator, work has been a little rough, though the product that I worked on for spring has come much easier to me for summer, I now have an entirely different product to jazz things up. It's never boring, one can always rely on that.
In volleyball tonight we got spanked. Apparently the team (penguin/nacho) fairs much better when I'm not around. Makes you wonder...


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