Monday, July 19

It's like a pandemic

So -
You may have noticed that some people...ok, me for one, and quite a few others have been a bit slacky with the postings of late. I have no excuse. Other than work and knitting. And visiting relatives. And getting ready for the rummage sale, cleaning the house to make room for the new furniture, and spending time with friends.
I thought that maybe a good solution would be to start posting more regular-like on the bad guys blog, as a group thing, and that would be a one-stop shop. However, as many of you know, it is brokey and the suck. And I e-mailed blogger support and they were of no help whatsover. On the up-side, no one is paying for it - not even me - so worry not. But... if anyone (or better, everyone) was interested, we could whip up a whole new all badguys site, and everyone could post to it. Or, if you're all happier not sharing the same space, that's cool, too. I looked into having multiple blogs on one site, but man... it takes someone quite a bit smarter than me to make all that code go.  So it would basically end up being the same type of format as the current site (which you probably can't see), where we would just have our names at the bottoms of the posts. I don't know... it was a thought.
This evening I had dinner with my cousin and her family, and then came home and gave Vyv a bath and Twarg a quick rinse as well, and I learned something very important to keep in mind: garden hoses are dirty. And yard apes actually belong inside, where they can't bother me.