Tuesday, August 24


Is it over yet?
This whole house thing is just so overwhelming. One thing after another. One more check to write after another. I thought everything would be ok, tight, but ok, but now I'm starting to second guess it, and I'm getting myself a little freaked out. Or, a lot really. Yeah... a lot.
I know it'll all be worth it in the end, but right now it's not any fun at all, the worrying about money stuff. It sucks. And damn it, I really wanted that beautiful cashmere sweater from Marshall's. (I know, it's good to want things).

In other news, I learned a great breathing technique in physical therapy tonight (strange as that may sound), which is very calming and which I believe I will be utilizing often in the weeks and months to come. And it even helps my back. It's pretty cool, really.

Ok... I should go so I can learn something about homeowner's insurance. Sounds like fun, non? Pas du tout.

Oh - and Mandarin starts tomorrow night! I'm hoping it'll be a good thing for me to have something besides the house (oh, and work) to wrap my brain around for awhile. Either that, or I'll fail miserably because I can't concentrate. We'll see. Yippee!!


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