Tuesday, August 17

hell in a handbasket

Sorry for the no posty-posty, but as the majority of you know, I was pretty much out of commission with the brokey back for quite a while, and sitting in front of the computer at home was not really an option.
Then, when it was, blogger was not letting me in. So now I'm taking a minute to put up an update from work. Naughty naughty me!!
So - there is big news. Work is insane. Family is insane. Stress level rising. Therefore, buy a house. Clearly, these are the workings of a demented mind. I haven't had a good nights' rest in a week. I'm exhausted. But the appraisal is probably today, and the inspection is tomorrow morning. UPB dropped off the myriad of papers at the bank today, so now we wait. Y'all know how much I love that, the waiting. And I'm so good at it!!
Anyway... time to go home for lunch and possibly a cat nap.


Blogger barbarajackson3000 said...

A HOUSE???!!!! How exciting! I love it! Oh, I hope it works easily for you! I hope everything is like butter! I hope you have a housewarming party and I hope that you invite me to it!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

Obviously you're invited (just as soon as we settle in, we don't close until the end of October) - as well as invited to a certain someone's bachelorette party, to take place in Schaumburg so we can go to (drum roll) IKEA, et al.

11:55 AM  

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