Sunday, October 6

A quick word of advice to all those I love: do NOT, under any circumstances, go to the grocery store at noon-ish on a Sunday that does not feature a Packer game. Insanity. I nearly couldn't find a place to park. Unless you go to the Pig, which I can only assume was dead-ass as always.
It was necessary, however, so that my guests for the required movie watching could enjoy some of UPB's famous and wondeful salsa. It would have been much more difficult without the Scoops. Slackers (ie the Joneses) missed out. Also there was candy. And I didn't even slam my finger in the car door. I did, however, manage to burn my finger with my cigarette. As soon as I get my tatoo, I'm done. Stupid fire.
The up-side of no Packer game today is the anticipation of the game tomorrow. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Tee-hee.
And Jon Madden is on Mrs. Jones' list. Oh yes he is.
So it's back to the grind stone for me tomorrow. T's last week of work. Possibly the last sane week of work I'll enjoy for some time. If after the 21st I usurp the title of "One Stop Bitch Shop" you'll know why. But no sense in worrying now - now's the time to bask in the freedom of doing only one person's job at a time. *sigh*
At least I have lots to look forward to in the coming months: 2 concerts, a trip to Milwaukee to take in some culture with Invisible Pete and co. (this is my way of telling you I'm in, IP), a party this month at A-lo's *cough cough*, a Packer game! a party at Plinko's? Thanksgiving, Christmas.... aahhh. Better already. Friends keep you sane. This is what I'm counting on. Hope that's not too much pressure.


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