Saturday, October 5

This has been a most wonderful day:
#1 Got to see Chuck - the best dad ever (oh, and my slacker brother for about a minute) in
#2 Madison - where we enjoyed the farmers' market and Stillwaters Pub. Very delicious. Made only better by
#3 TMBG tickets purchased. Yeah baby! Yeah!! October 23, 7:30. Be there, or be sorry. So very very sorry.

And later this evening will be
#4 A toasty fire. Possibly the last of the season. Excellent times will be had by all, I'm sure.
The whole day entirely overshadowed the pro-pot expo going on on campus. It was humorous to see guys walking around with giant wooden pot leaf shaped signs that read "Pot Saves Trees". Reread that if you missed the irony. It's wonderful. But oof. So many hippies. I know, it's Madison, but still.... they don't own the town. I shouldn't be forced to listen to white guys singing Ziggy Marley songs just to enjoy shopping on the best street in the state.
The bongo guy up by the capitol got a request for a "real bongo song" as we were walking past and launched into a monologue about the next song he was going to play, evidently very famous, available for purchase on a tape if you so desired, which was a bongo lullaby. This shit is priceless.
But I suppose - it's about time to eat some fresh cheese curds and heirloom apple varieties and then get bundled up for this evening's festivities. Yay!!


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