Tuesday, December 17

Thanks to the magic that is office place gossip, I got to work to find out that both of my pets had died. Also, I'm a lesbian. I guess all is forgiven because my boss brought me back a jingly monkey keychain from Singapore. At least, that's what the metal tag says. Of course, the other side says "Memory". I don't know if that's suppose to mean the same as souvenier, or if monkeys are suppose to represent memory (instead of elephants?) or if my boss has already picked up on the fact that I am one of the most forgetful people in the world and she's trying to subtly let me know. Regardless, it's a monkey keychain and I'm not about to complain. I might complain about the kitty beany-baby thingy from the Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore that she also brought back, but everyone got one of those, so that would just be rude. The dumb cow in my department must have thought they were so cool that half her Christmas list is getting one - she had 6 sitting on her desk today and considering that there were some duplicates, I can only assume that she's planning on giving them to "friends" as gifts. How thoughtful.
This evening I made a Christmas present for my bro's girlfriend (slightly more original than beany babies, not that I'm bragging, but...) that's about it. After 11 hours of sleep last night, you'd think I'd be wired for sound, but not so much. I've been in my pjs almost all night cause I didn't feel like sitting on the Hydie floor in my "work clothes", so I'm all set for bed. 'Night all!


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