Monday, December 9

I just wanted to post a reminder to all that tomorrow our little girl becomes a woman. A cock-wasted woman. And so therefore all should attend the P for what looks to be an amazing time. Girls, wear a pretty bra. (And let's all learn from experience here: try it before you buy it.) Shaft: kilt. You know you want to. And I think you said you would. You wouldn't want people to say you're a liar.
I'm feeling like poo today. Possibly cheesecake for dinner was not the good idea it seemed at the time. But what sane person can turn down cheesecake? No one.
Also, I'm very concerned about Chia. He doesn't seem to want to eat. Anything. Not even apples or fingernails. So I get to call the vet this afternoon. That leaves Ting as the sole healthy member of the household. A little scary when you think about his mental state.
Now I'm going to go see if I can figure out the real deal with the nearly post-game fight last night. It was a beauty. Anyone who skipped out of the game early (or just plain didn't watch it) missed out. Even UPB enjoyed the last 4 minutes.


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