Monday, December 2

Oof. What a weekend! Monday back at work was nearly relaxing in comparison.
Thursday: food with immediate family at Mozybot's with her multi-talented kids and hubby. Note: my cousin Sam makes techno. Who knew? He should e-mail me the address of his site so I can post it for all my cool friends to see (hint hint).
Friday: new hair
Saturday: back to Mad-town burbs to see more extended family than I have missed since my wedding (and longer). I met some cousins for the first time who are both amazingly cute and halariously sarcastic. You gotta love that in a 6 year old. I got to see my other aunt Mary (cause one just isn't enough!) and numerous uncles esq. Also got another dose of my bro and Becca (who we love~am I right Mozy?) then driving driving to get back in time to pick up boots a la Cher, pound one down, and get to bed.
Sunday: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Hell yes, I am. Or, was. I got to go to my first Packer game at the literally frozen tundra. I was squeaking with delight from the moment the stadium came into view. I felt no pain, no cold, no insistent pressure on my bladder. And my sweet sissy even backed me up on that. So :P And - needless to say - we won. And I mean WE. As in, I'm sure I had something to do with it. Because, damn it, we're the best fans in all of sports. Or something.
And then the next Thanksgiving meal... so tasty. So filling. So... sleepy. And in celebration for such a meal I can only say:
Go Army! Beat Navy! (I told you I wouldn't forget!) :)
And we're to today. Which was just fine at work. A new girl started in knits who will be taking care of boys' stuff the way I do girls', so that will be nice. Plus, she's picking up adultwear eventually, and that will be a huge load off my shoulders. So - yay me! Plus, to add to the happy mood, my bothersome coworker is now gone for two weeks in Asia. Ahhh.... Also - my boss won't be around to sign my time card next week and she suggested that I just lie and say I worked 100 hours of over time. Have I mentioned how much I love her?
I just feel bad for her 'cuz she's kinda broken up about having to leave her baby for the next two weeks while she's traveling. He's very cute. I would be sad, too.
So that's work. And that's that. But before I go, a friendly reminder that you can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being.


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