Thursday, November 21

Yep - vacation is a good thing. Even if it means having so much work waiting for me that I'll end up with so much to do that I'll have to go in over the weekend. You see, I needed to sleep in, because last night we went to a really good concert :) And I'm not so dumb as to make the mistake of going to work the day after a concert twice. The Dismemberment Plan was a good time. We skipped the opening bands to make time for Africa Hut *sigh*, so it was a happy, happy night. The waiter at AH was a bit (or a lot) creepy, but he had my back on the Akara purchase. And he seemed ill-equipted to process my check. But he let us leave eventually. We then trekked to the SOUTH side to the "historic" Majesca (sp?) theatre. Even the band was impressed people ventured into that neighborhood to see them, but it wasn't really bad, actually. It wasn't like when you make the mistake of taking 41 instead of 45. It was just fine. And really, if thugs were going to descend on anyone, it would have been this crowd. (no offense to all those in attendance, but, let's be honest - we were far from menacing)
The lead singer of the band was giving off a super Jonathon-y vibe, so I was really glad when he wasn't killed half way through the show. The band also seemed to be experiencing some technical difficulties, but they put on a good show nonetheless. They even incorporated an homage to Annie, launching into the most interesting version of "Tomorrow" I think I've ever heard. By far. The drummer reminded me of Chet from Kicking and Screaming. It was probably the hair, somehow. Also there was a Rhythm Chicken. Dressed as a rabbit, obviously. He opened the show with a drum solo in a little alcove off-stage, and reappeared pogo-ing during a song when the band invited the audience to join them to dance on stage. Take down a memo: if you've never, in your life, danced before, don't choose on-stage at a concert to start. The rest of us can tell. Sorry, but it's true. Not that it didn't add to the entertainment value, but really, the song is good enough that it could have stood on it's own. Aw Gladys, get a life! :)


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