Tuesday, November 12

Loper - as of right now you have 4 hours to submit a new design to Blogger. Just an fyi.
And for everyone else, a word to the wise: don't stay out at the bar, watching the pinching-booby kind of love, until midnight and then work a 9 1/2 hour day. Just a hint from me to you.
Tomorrow and Thursday I get to spend part of my day in new employee orientation. It should be a thrill a minute. We even get a tour of the store. Yeah. This means that instead of the 8 hours a day (ok... technically 7 1/2) I usually get to do 10 hours of work, I'll get 4. I'm thinking I'll be working a little late (again). Woe is me. I am woe. Woe and I are the same thing. But you can all rest assured that the resulting paycheck will factor favorably in the whole Christmas/birthday thing we have looming upon us. Think bright and shiny. You lucky, magnificant bastards.


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