Monday, October 14

So, sometimes, while stumbling around this crazy thing we call the uberweb, you trip over something that just cracks you up. Now, I understand that everyone has probably already seen this site, but I'd just like to point out that he has a link to the Onion, like all good citizens should and do. Cracks me up. We would totally know him, and pick on him endlessly, out of love, probably, if he weren't all famous and stuff.
Today I brought home a fuck-ton of lavender waffle-weave knit fabric from work. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I seriously need to start making things, or the piles and piles fabric will soon take over the Hydie and I'll be exposed for the poser-seamstress that I am. Damn! Who wants a pillow? How about a lavender togo? Halloween's coming, people... time to start planning.
And on the sewing tip... here's a funny work story that brightened my day:
I am NOT the only one who sees my horrid co-worker as a kill-joy. Here's the deal: we receive lots and lots of artwork everyday during this time of the product cycle, done on little scraps on fabric, to show that the factory can do it and they have the right inks and threads. Makes sense, right? Ok... so along with all the ones we get that we need (and pass on up to design) we tend to get quite a few that are useless. The art has changed since the makers sent the strike-off, the style has dropped and the maker is too dumb to not do one, etc etc etc. So these pile up, on my desk and the desks of others, for eternity. For some reason, we are hesitant to discard them. I don't know why. But I came up with a solution!! I will make a crazy quilt of them, when I have enough, and the season is over. Genius!! But no. Today we were cleaning out some of the stuff left behind when T left (*sniff*) and I was going to grab some really pretty and some really silly strike-offs, and I was thwarted. "Those are examples of what the makers can do... we might need those... " Blah blah blah. #1 These were from Holiday '02. Long, long ago. #2 No one is EVER going to know where to look if the ever want to find them. #3 Designers never look back. Never. This is proven by the fact that we continue to try things that have failed time and time again. And they ask us to have makers send in something they've done 100 times for "development" work. These things that I could make good use of would never be missed. Yet I get the stink-eye. But D (my smoking buddy and fellow Sheboyganite) rolled her eyes for my benefit at the wet blanket we have to work with every day. I'm starting to build my posse. And so it begins.
Tomorrow is another day.


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