Monday, October 14

A half day in, post-Tina, and all is well. The chaos starts tomorrow. Today is EA (coworker)'s 50th birthday. I never would have guessed he's 50. He brought in giant muffins as a treat. Yay muffins! Yay birthdays! I sometimes wonder if I will ever grow out of loving birthdays - mine in particular. I hope not.
This weekend I played the role of super-slacker. I eventually got a little bit of laundry done last night, but apart from that - nothing. Reading, snoozing, generally enjoying myself. It was lovely. Really, really lovely.
Hope everyone who participated in TBCS enjoyed themselves. Sorry I was a no-show, but I was waiting for a phone call from a certain Mrs. Jones before heading out, and that didn't come until it was much too late to leave the house. So you can blame her. Also sorry you didn't get a chance to enjoy my new shirt. *sigh* TMBG *sigh* So...soon...can't...wait!!! And for the record, I am not a hay-seed. I've never even tasted squirrel. Though I hear it's a lot like pigeon. Which is a lot like the dark meat of duck. So I'm told.
And now is the time when I should probably actually eat something on my lunch break.


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