Tuesday, November 5

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Two days down - the week is nearly half over. I had a pop-quiz when I got back to work after lunch today - what prototypes are coming in when? Quick! You only have 300 styles, surely you know this off the top of your head! As it turns out, 4+ years of college really can come in handy. Who knew how important it would be to be able to pull things out of your ass once you got into the 'real world'? They don't teach you that part in business school, nosiree.
After work I scored some tasty tasties (thanks, Max) and then voted. Yep.
That's right. I'm a citizen.
It's so disappointing the Democratic party can't throw up a single candidate for so many of those local seats. Not that I want to be coroner, but come on! Clerk of Courts? I could do that. And Petri was unopposed?? Is he so intimidating as a candidate? How can that possibly be? And here ends my little rant. Now to anxiously await election results. Or not.
I believe that tomorrow UPB and I will be dining at home, then heading to the P. Which means that we won't be there beginning at 4:30, and thus probably won't be suffering from severe nerve-damaging bench-ass by the time the rest of you slobs actually show up. So we'll get to spend some quality time together. Just like a real family. At the bar. Yay!


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