Tuesday, October 22

Good Lord! What have I been doing?? Well, not blogging, obviously. And not even really keeping up with the blogs of others. *sorry*
You see, I have been stressing about work. I have nearly 3 hours of overtime in this week. Boy - that really sound lame. But it felt like an eternity! Honest. And tomorrow it starts all over again - but thankfully I'll be leaving on time to see
Oh yes... they might be. In fact, I believe they are. Yes, definitely giants.
Once again, the power of the soccer twins comes together to produce a most lovely evening. Or a glass of water. I'm not sure which. And sweet hubby is driving so I can snooze all the way back home and be well-rested for another grueling day of whiney-Sharon. Yay for me! Oh wait...
Friday night after dinner, when DerK was purchasing the much esteemed velour running suite a la Hello Kitty, I too purchased something that has made my life much much better. A cute and efficient space heater for under the computer desk in the Hydie. No more blue fingers for me. I am thinking that I possibly should have spent a wee bit more money for it, however. I've come to the conclusion that one with more settings would suit my purposes a little better. When the choices are off or blast-furnace, it's hard to get acclimated. Maybe I'll just start calling the blocks game and the 'musings' art, and then I have a reason to suffer for it. Hot ass. Cold ass. Hot ass. Cold ass. Repeat.


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