Thursday, October 17

brrrr! Now, I know everyone knows (and continuously abuses me) for being cold. And I'm just complaining now because I'm sitting in the Hydie and I think I can almost see my breath. But what I'd like to point out is: I didn't complain playing volleyball last night. Not one peep from frozen old me, so you can all just suck it.
My boss let me know that it would be "ok" if I "wanted" to work overtime in the coming days of insanity. How gracious. And generous. But then she said I didn't have to, which was more than she would have had to offer. She's so cool to work for. I've been so lucky in the boss department. Now if I can just find a company that doesn't suck... that would be a luxury. meh. I'm not holding my breath. Because then I couldn't see it. I am considering putting on my gloves, though. But that might interfere with my typing a wee bit. Stoopid winter.
Note: tomorrow is Krispy Kreme donut day!! [insert Homer noises here] Oh yeah, baby! I'll try to save some for the rest of you, but I only bought the two boxes, and tomorrow is going to be a very long day. Still, I love you, so I'll see what I can do.


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