Monday, October 28

Ok - this time I have a (little) excuse... the last time I tried to post Blogger was down. Honest. And I was gone all weekend, as most of you know.
But first, the concert. It rocked. They rock. The opening band, not so much. They were stinky. But TMBG completely made up for it. They played an entire song in the dark. No lights on anywhere in the theatre. Very very cool. I didn't like the Orpheum as much as the Barrymore, but... how can one complain about something so trivial when listening to "Fingertips"? Or Flansburg sing "Unicorns are crying rainbow tears...." along with the radio? You can't. It would just be unAmerican.
We got back late, and despite dozing for most of the trip home, I was soooper tired for the rest of the week. Oh well.... now it's another already and work is already much more unfun than I'd like. But on to the weekend, instead of my incessant bitching...
Saturday we began with a lovely lunch at Africa Hut (which opens at 11:30, for future reference). We were the first people there, and we were given a lovely lovely deep-fried dumpling appetizer, because they are the best restaurant ever. "Here, have you ever had these? You'll like them. They're good." Oh yes they are... another thing to add to the growing list of items I now must order whenever we go. So tasty.
Then we went to the museum, which was very nice - it was a good exhibit, and I was slightly impressed that it was in Milwaukee. Home of the arts. Who knew? I had a nice laugh as I pointed out to UPB that I felt like I was surrounded by couples who could have passed for Lorilai's parents (that's just for the sexy people). Rich people and hippies - and us. And The Gays. But it was nice. Then driving, stopping at Woodman's to pick up PopTarts, then driving, then trying forever to find the hotel, then driving and being (somewhat) disappointed that Nobu's isn't, in fact, Nobu, then driving, then watching dancing, driving, sleeping, driving, shopping, driving, shopping, driving, eating, driving, home. I'm not complaining, because for me driving=riding, so I definitely got the sweet end of that deal. But I owe Michael J. Hock a big thank-you. And some of you got presents out of the deal.
Being gone all weekend means that now I need to do laundry A LOT. That is my big plan for the evening. And football. I didn't get my fix this weekend, but I also didn't miss a Packer game, so I win.
And now my Easy Mac is ready, so I have to put it in my Easy Mac hole and get back to work. Or maybe I'll ask someone to knock the wind out of me after I'm done eating. It will be about the same.


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