Thursday, November 14

Woo-hoo! Overtime, baby!
Also - if you're looking to increase traffic to your site, my advice is to make up words. People LOVE the word Japany. Just in case you were wondering.
I am now fully orienstatutionalized. It was ok. I got a bag (though I'm jealous because apparently last year's bags were bowling-bag shaped, and mine is just a normal too-cheep-to-buy-a-real-briefcase kinda bag, though it's ok). I met the mucky-mucks. I saw the store and realized the full potential of my employee discounts (that's right, you're all getting bibs for Christmas). I enjoyed how much the head of IT enjoyed the fact that they have a robot. It was very endearing. I met someone who, like me, loves the Exploding Dog. And my co-worker managed to get through an entire day without making me look like an ass. That I know of.
Then, one of my meetings that was scheduled for tomorrow was moved up to this afternoon. Surprise!! And it was ok, too. I'd say 60% of the things I've been working on for fall to this point have been dropped. We added a new maker we've never worked with before, but seems to do a pretty good job. I think they're in Sri Lanka, so the translating could get interesting. My boss's boss fawned over my Mah Jong bracelet (rightly so), and I was at work until 6 trying to catch up on e-mails. I got all of them opened, many of them responded to, and plenty deleted. It was, in fact, a pretty good day. I'm dead tired and still strangely in a really good mood. Yay me!
Part of it might be due to the fact that I'm planning on visiting my puppy this weekend, and shopping with my sis at a fabulous (so I'm told) outlet mall. If it has a B'Gosh, it isn't as big as the one here, because the one here is a "Super Store" (very fancy!), but that's ok. I found out today that, though it isn't currently planned, the outlet here will probably end up carrying the women's clothes next fall. So far I've seen one thing that isn't butt-ugly, but it may be a little early to judge. I hope I don't get in too much trouble for saying that. I was told yesterday in the orientating that it's important to keep things we work on "confidential". Luckily, I don't believe anyone actually reads this site (and certainly not a post of this length).
Anywho - back to the weekend. Dining and the P tomorrow, shopping Saturday, and a quick road-trip for football fans to Kohler to watch the game with my dad and make him make brats for us. I should probably call him and tell him about that. And of course to see my puppy, who I'm guessing won't be around to see the summer, so I should get in lots of puppy time before that. Yep, that's about it.
Next week I'm planning on taking a day of vacation. It's very exciting. After the last going-to-work-after-a-concert fiasco, I figured I'd skip that little bit of agony and just take off. I'm really looking forward to it. The concert and the day off, as a matter of fact.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love my space heater? Just checking.


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