Wednesday, November 13

I am so oriented. And I'm a genius. All in all, a good day's work for me. Plus, I got a free bag. And I got chewed on by multiple critters at the pet store after work. My dearly departed dwarf hamster Bumpa must have been one in a million. When I got him, the people at the pet store refused to even pick him up to put him in the little paper carry-home box, because they are known, as a breed, to be vicious. I thought they were out of their minds. Bumpa was very very sweet. As sweet as an animal with the brain the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil (if he was lucky) could be. He was so sweet, my puppy wouldn't even eat him, because he could tell just how nice of a hamster he was.
Now I know that he was indeed a very special hamster, because I tried to pet 4 different hamsters - 2 albino females, 2 regular-colored, (though lighter than Bumpa) males - and nearly came away with bloody stumps instead of fingers. Evil, mean little critters. And the chinchilla they had was no better. He wanted to eat me. I think this is because they keep him on the floor of the pet room (which chins don't like, they prefer to be up high) - and that room is full-up of stupid loud squawking birds. I guess I'd be crabby, too. In fact, I get a little crabby and afraid just being in there. Birds are bad. You may have noted that my husband feels the same way. Definitely on the same page there. Birds=bad pets.
And now I get to go eat. Mmm... beef.
See 'ya at the P later, maybe.


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