Tuesday, November 19

Woo-hoo! Not going to work at all! Ok - that was yesterday. And I was sick as a puppy who is sick. I slept until 11, woke up, slothed my way the computer, ate PopTarts (which, thankfully, stayed in my stomach for the correct amount of time before moving, as they should, through the rest of my body), went back to sleep, ate hot 'n sour soup, watched some tv including some football, and went back to bed. And slept peacefully until 7ish. Evidently, I was tired.
Maybe it was the festivities of Friday night, or the shopping on Saturday, or the driving to and from Kohler to visit my dad and the stink-machine dog, but I was down for the count yesterday.
And today I get to make up for it by having an incredibly huge amount of work to do. Huge. Gi-normous. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, not even a friendly train to take me from the misery of the ever-growing piles on my desk. Just darkness, and forts made out of paperwork.
I'm very much looking forward to the concert on Wednesday, having Thursday off, and then repeating this crazy rant about how I have too much work on Friday. Stayed tuned, friends.... the fun is just beginning.


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