Friday, November 22

So, some time ago UPB told me that I should blog about my dreams, because they're so entertaining. Of course, since then I haven't had any that I remember, that I would also publish on the web. Tell Mother and disgust Plinko, sure, but not publish. Until today. This morning I vividly remembered my dream from last night because it was just that strange.
I was dreaming that I was having a nightmare. That's right, dreaming of dreaming. And in my dweam-within-a-dweam, I was being attacked by big nasty brown moths. The kind that it makes sense to be afraid of, trust me. And I was screaming and screaming, hoping that someone would wake me up. And then I did wake up and I was at what was suppose to be my dad's house, except for the 40' ceiling over my bed (remember: still dreaming at this point), and I was no longer being attacked by moths, but instead there were 3 bats and (obviously) a hedgehog on the ceiling, waiting to dive-bomb me. Which they did. Except the hedgehog, he scampered down the wall to attack me. I thwarted the bats by hiding under the covers, and managed to catch the hedgehog in some kind of box. I brought him downstairs into my dad's kitchen where he promptly escaped so that Oscar could chase him. I tried, in vane, to explain to my dog that he didn't want to catch the hedgehog because hedgehogs are pokey. When puppy eventually caught the hedgehog, they just stared at each other nose to nose while Oscar pawed at the pokey thing. That part was really cute, actually. And I think that's about when I woke up. Or, at least, I hope I did. I would hate for this to be a dream, too.
Now aren't you all glad I shared? Isn't that better than hearing more about how I'm so busy at work, yet take time off, only to make myself more busy? That's what I thought.
Oh - and sorry, Reverend, about the moth thing. All moths (and butterflies) are terribly frightening. Really. Not just the ones in my dreams that are as big as my hands. Of course they are.


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