Tuesday, November 26

I feel so dirty.
In case OP's stories of medical discomfort and strangeness weren't enough for you, I just got back from the girl doctor. Now, as Machine will loudly and repeatedly attest, I am a girl, and have been for some time, so this was not a new experience for me. However, with the new job comes new insurance, and I had to give up the doctor I liked a lot to go to someone new. I picked the only female girl-doctor covered by the craptastic OBG insurance plan. And here's how it went: wham. bam. bye. Not even a thank you. Not even a please come again. Would you like fries with that? No. I don't feel like I should get better care from a burger-flipper than from a (highly) paid professional who is looking at my bits.
Also, I have a bitch of a cold that is kicking my ass. She suggested I take some sudafed. Gee.... thanks! Ya think??
I think she was mad at me because she lives next door to a woman who was just fired from B'Gosh. Like I did it. Like even if I did that should in any way come into play while I'm in the stirrups. I think not.
So that's my rant for today. I want my old doctor back. waaaa.
Hooray that the week is half over. Hooray for turkey. Hooray for my new coat which I haven't taken off yet because it is always so freaking cold in here.


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